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Cooking event in Munich
Welcoming guests with khaddas
Preparing chicken curry
Sabine and Temba in traditional dress

Nepalese Cooking Event "Himalaya"

Kochevent5We held lots of cooking events in Germany and Switzerland themed "Join our culinary journey to the residence of the Gods". We chose different dishes of the Nepali and Tibetan kitchen and we cooked a 4-course-menu: Peanut salad with pita bread "BADAM SADEKO" with CHAPATI, Steamed dumpling with minced meat filling "MOMO" served with spicy tomato dip "GOLBEDAKO AJAAR" and exotic sesame coriander dip "TILKO AJAAR", Potato Curry "ALUKO TARKAARI" and Withes beans Curry "SIMMIKO TARKAARI" with steamed Tibetan bread "TINGMO", Yoghurt with saffron, fresh grained cardamom and honey "KESHARKO DAHI", as well sweet tea with spices and milk "MASALA DOUDH CHIYA".

If we are again on a visit in Europe, we are glad to hold a cooking event on request at your home or in a suitable location.  Contact us.